Deepika Padukone's 25 style secrets

What makes this star a regular on every best dressed list around? She sticks to a fairly simple list of fool-proof style tips, that she's finally willing to share.

Style favourites
1. Denim: “Right now, I’m going through a boyfriend jeans phase.”
2. Jewellery: “I like statement earrings.”
3. New designers: Arpita Mehta and Pankaj & Nidhi
4. Sunglasses: Wayfarers
5. Heels: Peep-toe and sky-high. “I hate kitten heels; they’re useless. Either wear heels that are dangerous or don’t wear them at all.”
6. Day bag: A tan leather bag
7. Lipstick hue: Oxblood
8. Perfume: For Her
by Narciso Rodriguez
9. Beauty discovery: BB creams
10. Trend of the season: Normcore
Style staples
11. Workwear basics: Sexy and comfortable
12. Daily shoes: White sneakers
13. Workout wear: “I do Pilates, so I prefer tight-fitted clothes.”
14. Nail paint: Wine
15. Hairstyle: “Depends on my mood. There are days when I love a fresh blow-dry, but sometimes I just go with bedhead.”
16. Make-up kit favourite: “A lipstick can change everything.”
17. Red carpet failsafes: Nudes, whites and golds
Style mantras
18. Red carpet formula: “Push outside your comfort zone a bit.”
19. Bad-hair-day rescue: Hairspray and a ponytail
20. Battling break-out: “I’ve never had that problem, but if you do, the best thing would be to stop picking at your skin and just let it breathe.”
21. Beach holiday wardrobe: Kaftans
22. First-impression essentials: Basic make-up. Don’t overdress, and style your hair.
Style haunts
23. Travel discovery: “I’m going through a phase where I love buying rosaries from the places I visit.”
24. Vintage store: Portobello Market in London and Chor Bazaar in Mumbai
25. Street market: “When I was a kid, my mother would buy me clothes from Fashion Street in Mumbai.”

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