Perfect Hair & Skin - Two bottles to keep in your shower | Bollywood Fashion

Looking for frizz-free hair and soft, supple skin? This simple tweak to your beauty regime can work wonders. Sometimes it's not what you use, it's how you use it. Slap on these two products before you step out of the shower and you'll see an instant improvement in your hair and skin.

Frizz serum

Most frizz serums work best on dripping wet hair - wrap your hair in a towel before applying the serum and you've already lost some of the benefits. For the best results, work a pump of the serum through your hair after the last rinse. You'll use less product and have better results. My favourite is John Frieda's classic Frizz-Ease but most anti-frizz serums work better on dripping wet hair.

Baby oil

Too lazy to moisturise? This simple trick takes seconds in the shower and leaves your skin perfectly moisturised with no sticky residue. Simply rub some oil on your skin before reaching for your towel. Baby oil simply glides onto wet skin and leaves your skin supple and perfectly moisturised.

Learning From Sonam Kapoor’s Iconic Style: Bollywood Fashion

These two words describe this young actress in every way. As a newcomer in the film industry, although, thanks to her lineage (her father is the legendary actor Anil Kapoor), she is not new to the world of Indian cinema. Despite not being as successful as other newcomers in the film industry, she has managed to create her own identity and stepped away from her father’s shadow. Sonam Kapoor, over the past two years, has turned into a fashion icon. Not only to Indian women, but a fashion icon worldwide. Her impeccable sense of style is admirable and has created strides in fashion all over India.

Classy, elegant, fierce, and bold. All words that define her style and personality. Sonam is inspired by her love for clothes, designers, and her taste for the good life. She has made a connection with her fans through her style and it speaks volumes. What sets Sonam apart from the rest of the fashion-obsessed women is that she takes pride in what she wears. To her, fashion is art and she is constantly reinventing her style.

Here are a few things you can learn from Ms. Kapoor’s style:

When in doubt, black is your answer. It is slimming, sophisticated, and more importantly, matches everything. Sonam is generally seen accessorizing her black outfits with chunky gold necklaces or colored clutches.

Colored blazers go a long way. They can complete an outfit, especially when worn right. Hot pink, yellow, electric blue, and even black are hot favorites for Sonam.

Ms. Kapoor makes the color white look elegant and classy yet still traditional when it comes to Indian clothes. Remember when it comes to Indian clothes, less is always more. If you wear heavy earrings, leave the matching necklace at home and vice versa.

A well-tailored and good fitting jacket can make such a difference. Especially in places like the Northeast where the cold is unbearable, experiment with different colors and styles to find a coat that speaks your personality. Stay away from the basic black pea coats or the puffy Northface jackets.

If there is one thing you can take away from Sonam’s style it is her fierce independence when it comes to dressing. Do not be afraid to take risks and wear what you want, if you walk with confidence, people will know you mean business.

Soha Ali Khan-Kunal wedding Fashion: Is this the best of Indian bridal fashion

Soha Ali Khan married Kunal Khemu this weekend in what was, by Bollywood standards, a fairly private wedding. The few pictures that have emerged of the wedding show Bollywood stars in designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
While the bride is glowing, fashion lovers this side of the border can’t help but ask — this is the best of Indian bridal fashion

Bridal fashion is certainly very different this side of the border. While the outfits chosen by Soha Ali Khan’s wedding party and guests show an emphasis on fabric and bold embroidery, our designers focus on silhouette, delicate embroidery and craftsmanship.

The bride chose a plain gold choli with a gulabi pink lengha for her reception. For those of us used to elaborate bridals, this looks overly simple. Designers like Misha Lakhani or Sanam Chaudri have churned out hip, young looks that are a little more 'bridal' than this.

From Sania Maskatiya’s Ara Ornament collection to Bunto Kazmi’s timeless creations, wedding season in Pakistan saw plenty of stunning outfits this year. So we can't help but wonder: If Soha et al had shopped on this side of the border, what might they have chosen to wear?

While Kareena’s sari was suitably subtle compared to the bride’s outfit, this Misha Lakhani sari may have worked better.

Catch Soha Ali Khan Hot Bikini Photoshoot

How to Get Six Pack Abs Like Amir Khan Bollywood Actors

The Six Pack Workout: Get Body like Bollywood Actors

Exercise your core muscles. Once the fat on top of your abs is gone, you'll need washboard abs to be underneath. In the comfort of your home, you can exercise your core muscles -- it helps posture, too!

  • The plank: You can't just focus on what's on top -- it's what's behind your abs too -- your back! And doing the plank works both. With your forearms on the floor and your toes into the ground, lift up your core and thighs off the floor. Make sure your elbows are in line with your shoulders. To do it right, keep your butt and abs flexed.
  • The reverse crunch: Upper abs are easy; it's the lower ones that are hard. This exercise is much like a crunch, but with your feet in the air. To start, put your arms at your side, keeping your palms down. Place your knees over your hips, using your abs to place your body. Instead of moving your head toward your knees, move your knees toward your head. Hold your knees briefly as close to head as possible and then lower them back towards the mat.
  • The Bicycle: This exercise targets your back and sides, in addition to your upper and lower abs. Lie on a soft surface like a yoga mat and make a pedaling motion in the air. Alternate raising shoulders toward the opposite knee. Make sure to work both sides evenly. 2 sets of 12 reps is a good place to start.
Start weight training. If you're going for a six pack, you'll need strong pecs, shoulders, and back too. Your entire body needs to be on track, not just your abs.
  • Wood Chop: Using a free weight or medicine ball, kneel down on one knee. Lift the weight up, with both hands, over the shoulder of your leading foot. Lower the weight to the other hip, hold, and bring back up. Always make sure your entire body is facing forward. Aim to use a weight that fatigues the muscle in 12 reps.
  • Trunk Rotations: Working with a dumbbell or medicine ball, get into a sitting position, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lean back slightly to engage your abs. Bending at the elbows, hold the weight close to your core and twist from side to side. Pause at the end of each rotation.
  • Dumbbell fly: Grab some free weights and sit on a stability ball. Walk it forward until it's your head and upper back that are balancing on the ball. Push the dumbbells up and out, directly above your elbows. Swing out and back in, slowly. Keep your abs flexed at all times and your arms loose, not locked.
Blast fat with cardio. The absolute quickest way to get rid of fat is cardio. While it's important to do cardio and it's important to work with weights, it's most important to do both in tandem. You need to burn and blast away the fat to see the results you want.
  • This doesn't necessarily mean running. Swimming, boxing, cycling, and tennis are also great alternatives (amongst many) if you don't feel like hitting the concrete.
  • Consider high intensity interval training. Most studies have shown that the benefits of cardio are amplified when done in intervals. Work out as hard as you can for 30 seconds, relax for a minute, and repeat 9 more times. And you'll get your workout in super quick.
Keep it varied. You don't want your body to get used to your workouts. Once something becomes easy, step it up a notch. Constantly challenging yourself is the only way you'll see results you've never seen before. Each time you exercise, make sure to target different muscle groups. Do somewhere between four and eight moves and don't repeat the same moves the next day. Keep your muscles guessing by constantly changing up your routine. But, as always, check with your doctor if you're 45 or older.

Enjoy your 6 pack Like any Bollywood actor :)

Tips to Get Rid of Body Odour

Does your pungent body aroma announce your presence in a room? Do people gift you deodorants every year on your birthday? Do people avoid sitting next to you? If the answer to the above questions is ‘Yes’ then you are gripped by the most unlikable thing -  Body odour.

Tips to Get Rid of Body Odour:

• While bathing, add alcohol or white vinegar to a mug of water. Use it to rinse the armpits. This reduces the pH of the skin and eliminate armpit odour.

• Mix two drops of the tea tree oil (essential oil) and one ounce of water. Pour this in a spray-top bottle and use as a deodorant. Since tea tree is an antibacterial herb, it would act favorably in preventing body odour.

• Mix 10 drops of your favourite essential oil in 30 ml water. Apply this mixture on the armpits to reduce body odour.

• To prevent body odour, drink a glass of water in the morning, on an empty stomach, along with 500 mg wheat grass. The chlorophyll present in the grass will help in reducing body odour.

• Mix some baking soda with lemon juice. Apply it on your armpits. Let it stay for few minutes and then wash it off. Baking soda can also be used as a powder to absorb chemicals and remove body odours.

• Boil some mint leaves in 4 cups of water. Add this water to your bath water. Keep some aside for a special dousing for your armpit.

• Drink a cup of sage tea daily. It is very effective in reducing the activity of sweat glands and minimizes the body odour.

• Rub few potato slices on your underarms. Wait for it to dry and wash it. Check the freshness for the whole day.

• Curb your coffee and tea intake. Caffeine can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, which regulates sweating.

• Add some sage leaves in a juice of 1 medium size tomato. Apply it on your underarms. Let it stay for 10 minutes and then wash it off.

• Add a tablespoon of honey to lukewarm water for the final rinse. It will help in keeping the body odour in check.

• Always use antibacterial soap while bathing.

Body odour is an embarrassment or humiliation which many face from time to time. One day while traveling via Delhi metro I came across a very awkward moment. A lady standing right next to me, in a jam packed metro, was smelling like a rotten egg. Sorry to use such a word for a person but she really was no better than that. I was forced to bear that torture for about 20 minutes.

Body odour may be caused due to any serious illness, strong medications, fungal infections, liver problems, kidney diseases, alcoholism, cavities, zinc deficiency, toxin presence in the body or even lack of hygiene.

Get A Beach Body like Bollywood Hunks In Two Weeks

Get A Beach Body Like Salman khan, Hritik Roshan or Varun Dhavan
In Two Weeks

Summer is finally here and its time to head down the beach and show off that body you have been working hard on all through the winter. You have been exercising through the winter haven't you?

Well if not now’s the time to take action and stop putting it off with excuses such as “oh, I’ll start tomorrow” or “just one more biscuit, slice of cake, vodka etc wont hurt”

So to help you get a beach ready body that you can be proud of I’m going to give you my top five tips to give you the best results in the next two weeks.
Now I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but then nothing truly worth having is ever easy. So here are my top five tips...

1, Stop working your abs in the hope that if you do thousands of sit ups/ crunches you will be able to burn loads of fat and get that toned midsection that you desire. It just doesn’t work like that. The body burns fat from genetically determined places which you nor I have control of and doing sit ups/ crunches won’t burn anywhere near enough calories to elicit a fat burning effect.

2, Exercise, sorry if you thought this was going to be some magic tip to help you rid the fat without actually having to put any effort in. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym doing set after set for each body part six days per week followed by hours of endless cardio to see rapid results. What you do need is a 20-25 minute whole body workout done 3-4 times per week using compound exercises that use the largest muscle groups in the body. Using compound exercises will not only help build more muscle you will also speed up your metabolism which will cause you to burn more calories even while you read this!. Stay away from shaping exercises as they don’t burn anywhere near as many calories.

3, Follow your 20-25 minute workout with 15-20 minutes of interval cardio. Interval s can be done on any of the traditional cardio machines or out side. After a five minute warm up on your chosen exercise to get the blood pumping you then go as fast as you can for 30-60 seconds and then rest for the same amount of time. Repeat this for a total of 15-20 minutes for a great fat blasting workout. If you’re up for it try hill sprints or try skipping as fast as you can for a minute then slower to catch your breath then repeat. Interval training will help you to burn more calories post workout than slow steady cardio. Forget the fat burning zone; you want to burn as many calories as you can!

4, Nutrition. Fuel your body with real food. Try to eat as much fresh natural food as possible staying away from processed packaged food which is generally high in fat, salt and sugar. Try to reduce you consumption of caffeine which dehydrates the body and alcohol which is a useless nutrient that the body has to deal with before it can burn any of the calories that you’ve eaten from food. Basically if it wasn’t around when the cavemen where then don’t eat it. Technology may have moved on since then but the body still works on the same principles as it did thousands of years ago.

5, Be sure to drink at least 2 litres of fresh water per day. Did you know that the body is over two thirds water? Water is used by the body for transporting and carrying nutrients between cells, exchanging oxygen in the air we breathe with the carbon dioxide produced in or cells which must be excreted from the lungs. Water helps flush the body of toxins and waste products through urine, sweat and tears. Water helps to keep the skin healthy, helps to reduce wrinkles and helps reduce your chances of getting headaches. Need I say any more about water?

There you have it, my top five tips for getting a beach ready body in two weeks but will you act on them?

How to Look Effortlessly Stylish Like you are Bollywood Diva

  • Choose clothes that flatter you: they should fit, and be neat and clean with a crisp appearance. Ask an unbiased friend or a sales assistant if you're not sure that an outfit suits you.
  • Always have a few outfits prepared in advance. That way, you won't have to spend lots of time rifling through your closet for certain events.
  • Choose what you like. If you enjoy dressing preppy, a polo shirt or two are a must. Enjoy what you wear; clothing should be fun
  • Keep up with the latest trends, so that you know what's current and what isn't. Check fashion magazines and put your own twist on things!
  • Add a couple of accessories - for example, a watch, necklace, ribbon or belt.
  • Know that good quality shoes are a must. Wear something that matches your personal style as well as the outfit you are wearing.
  • Don't go over the top (for example, don't wear all leopard print).
  • Try not to look fake; don't wear something if it's not you.
  • Be daring and unique! If you like leopard print, try going for a leopard print headband. Try interesting combinations, like a dress with jeans, or shorts and tights. Don't be afraid to experiment.
  • Go for variety. For example, if you like pink, try different shades, not just bubblegum pink; there's dusty pink, baby pink, hot pink, etc.
  • Buy more than one pair of jeans; a dressy pair, a casual pair, an 'outdoors' pair (especially handy when camping), and an 'at home' pair. Jeans are lifesavers, especially on those days that you can't find anything to wear. Try jeans with any top, a cute pair of shoes, maybe a belt, and off you go!
  • Mix 'n' match from previous seasons.
  • Black pants and denim are compulsory!
  • Check thrift stores and discount outlets, style shouldn't be expensive.
  • Make sure you have outfits: that means clothes that go well with each other.
  • Sometimes, it's better to go for quality than quantity. Better to have one outfit with really great quality than two outfits which fall apart after a couple washings.
  • Don't pay heed to what people say is "stylish". Just dress how you think you should dress, and create a style of your own.
  • Don't wear make-up that is too dark for your skin tone. It will make you look like you have a dirty face or make you look plain unattractive.
  • Nail polish does not have to match your outfits at all. It is an area to style by itself.
  • If you wear an outfit that you consider dressy or extra stylish, fix your hair in a way that is as unique as the outfit itself.
  • Don't over do, but don't under do also. If it's your style, go for it! Everyone has their own style. Make up usually goes well with the outfit but don't apply too much, or you will look like a doll.
  • Don't show too much skin (like a lot of cleavage or back). If you do too much, people will think you are a person that doesn't care what they wear.
  • Don't go to the stores where most people go to. It sometimes makes people look the same. Go to different stores, even the thrift store if needed.

Officewear : What To Wear to Work

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”

When I first read this quote years and years ago, I dismissed it as being vain, dreamy and ignorant, something a rich spoilt fashionista came up with to justify her excessive means. I was far too practical and intelligent (or so I thought) to fall prey to such an ignorant charade.

Over the years however, age and experience have proved beyond a shred of doubt the Edith Head was no bimbo, she was indeed a very smart, successful, intelligent and might I add witty lady. Her work is still remembered as some of the best work done in the industry. Her words reek of wisdom and no matter how much  one tries to ignore them or hide from them, at some point we are bound to realise that how we dress impacts our life in very surprising ways.

In the work arena especially dressing the part and dressing sharp can pay massive dividends. Lets face it, we are a judgemental society and we often form our judgement within the first few seconds of seeing a person walk through the door, even without having spoken to them!! Based on what? How they are dressed, do they look confident? comfortable? nervous? eager? Yes how one dresses can say all this and much more…

So basically I am trying to get at the fact that dressing for work needs to become just a little more than a chore for us, a little thought needs to go into what we would like our clothes to say about us and the little effort needs to be put into looking sharp and keeping things interesting as far as the work wardrobe goes.

Todays video tries to do just that, there is something for even the most conservative work environment and something for a fun bright work atmosphere too..

Skirt & Top : Shopnineteen
Nude Heels : Regal Shoes Pune
Bag : Westside

Kurta Pants : Stitched
Heels : Zara
Bag : Dior

Printed Pant Suit : Bespoke
Shirt : Forever 21
Heels : Zara
Bag : Dior

Kurta : Westside
Graphic Leggnigs : Thrifted
Heels : Zara
Necklace : Tribal craft exhibition

Pussy Bow Blouse : Fashionandyou
Printed Pnats : BrassTacks
Heels : Zara
Bag : Westside

Thanks to: Looking Good Feeling Feb

Fashion of Bollywood’s 11 best dressed actors you can follow

Smooth dressing and sharp styling is part of an actor’s credo. But who really makes the cut? Here’s our list of the slickest gents in Bollywood today:

Imran Khan
When he came to the GQ office last month to be a guest editor, sporting an artfully manicured beard, an English hunting cap and a Lanvin suit, he was a far-cry away from the modest Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na boy he was 6 years ago. Along with his talent his style has grown and matured into an irresistible combination of goody-two-shoesness and an urbane sophistication.

Ranbeer Kapoor
He’s got the girls, cars, money, unbridled ambition and puppy dog good looks that are stylist’s dream. From a three piece suit to a leather jacket to a towel, this Bollywood actress-magnet has the balls to carry anything off.
Saif Ali Khan
From the floppy haired ole ole chap to the suave tuxedo wearing agent. The prince of Patuadi is all grown up and so is his style. He’s slick, has great hair and looks smashing in a suit or a bandhgala.
Abhay deol
The only Punjabi-ness in this achingly cool actor is restricted to his last name. His personal style is quirky off-beat and laid back. One of the few men we know who can wear a fedora and pull it off too.
Amitabh Bachchan
A luminary who’s style is beyond labels, trends and time. After 70 years of being stylish he is in a league of his own.
Farhan Akhtar
Making it in Bollywood without a single silly dance move is classy, and classy is what Akhtar junior is all about. His style is deadly serious but not imposing and while he prefers being in jeans, he does like the occasional Prada.
Shahrukh Khan 
People get addicted to movie stars like drugs and Shahrukh is pure cocaine. The effortlessly cool superstar puts everyone around him at ease with his charming banter and well-cut suits that are suave enough to notice but not loud enough to override his personality.
Arjun Kapoor
This star kid has had the transformation of the decade (Google ‘Arjun Kapoor fat’ if you don’t believe us) His effortless swagger seen in his debut film Ishaqzaade carries on to his personal style that’s trendy and effortless. A star in the making?
Hrithik Roshan
If you are that good looking it doesn’t really matter what you wear but this guy needs perfection in everything he does or wears. Even when his hair is unkempt, every hair is exactly as out of place as it should be.

Arjun Rampal
Even after shooting all day and drinking till dawn this man-God usually looks like he just stepped out of the sea onto some golden beach. He’s handsome, has great taste in clothes and managed to land himself a supermodel. That’s what life’s all about.
His personal style is whacky, edgy and chilled out. He manages to pull off looking like a puppy dog while maintaining a dark streak. A woman probably can’t decide whether to mother him or take a ride on his bike, but either way, it’s irresistible.

How to Look Sexy Like Bollywood Beauties

  1. Get clean. Bathe at least once a day. But don't wash your hair everyday, especially if it's colored! This will fade your color and dry out your hair. Feeling and looking clean is crucial. Wash with a nice smelling body soap three times with a bathing sponge and you will smell great. Get out and pat yourself dry with a soft, fluffy towel, and rub in some rich body lotion. You need to be soft and able to cuddle at all times, don't neglect your hands, elbows, and feet. If possible try to layer matching scents on your body, such as soap, lotion, powder, and perfume. For example: If you bathe with a citrus smelling body soap, try to wear a citrus-smelling lotion also.
  2. Practice good dental hygiene as well, this includes brushing, flossing and even mouth wash. Clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner or a spoon every morning for fresh breath. Get a check up and have your teeth cleaned often. Invest in a good toothbrush, water pick, and mouthwash. Always keep mints or breath spray on hand.
  3. Get groomed. Work with what you've got. But keep it neat and tidy. Trim finger and toe nails weekly, remembering to clean under the nail. No fancy nail polish colors are needed, but a simple beige color looks delicious.To do your eye brows with tweezers numb them with an ice cube then soothe them with any cream but if you can an Aloe Vera based one and pluck away. This takes away the pain and gives you full precision on the shape you want for your eyebrows. Or just wait until you get out of the shower, it'll hurt less. Once every 2 or 3 weeks, have a pampering day, including a manicure, pedicure, facial, and bubble bath, even if it's just a spa day at home.
  4. Style your hair Make a trip to the hair salon. A new cut or style will make you feel sexy and confident. Having a change of hair color is nice, too. Go for something natural and not too dramatic. Deep condition your hair at least once a month. In the mornings, flat iron your hair or put it in a messy bun, depending on your style. Adding extensions or a wig can radically change an everyday look from "ho-hum" to "wow" to turn a few heads. Studies show that most men are more attracted to longer hair. This is because longer, glossier hair is associated with health; if you get ill, the first thing the body stops maintaining is your hair in order to concentrate on sustaining more vital areas. And in terms of evolution, it makes more sense for a guy to be attracted to a healthy girl, it's become natural to be attracted to hair that looks more healthy. Get split ends treated for shinier hair and use heat protectant to prevent them from coming back.
  5. Create winning skin. Do a steam facial maybe once a week for up to 10 minutes, to open up your pores get rid of black heads and acne. To do this, get a bowl of boiling water and a towel, and just sit with your face in the steam, using the towel as a little tent/mini sauna over your head and the bowl. Doing it for longer then 10 minutes will just stress out your skin, which will just make it worse, so be careful. Wash your face right away afterwards with a cleanser made for your type of skin. Then rinse and splash your face with cold water to close your pores or, alternatively, get an ice cube and wait for it to melt a little. Then smooth it gently over your face until it melts; this closes your pores and prevents dirt going back into them. An alternative to this is to use a facial scrub to get rid of flaky, dead skin cells.
    • Optional: Put on a self-tanner lotion for the face. (2 shades darker is perfect for pale skin types) Put a dime size on each cheek and one on your forehead. Blend into your complexion. Wait until dry, about 2 minutes, and wait about 30 minutes until you see results. The great thing about self tanners is that they last all day and you don't have to reapply it like make-up. For darker skin tones, use a bronzer on the cheeks and lids for a more natural sun-kissed glow with lip gloss on the lips.
    • Show your style.
    • Invest in a good pair of curve-hugging jeans. Dark denim looks good on all body types.
    • Pick some clothes that flatter your figure and that you feel comfortable in. There's no point picking the latest fashions if you don't feel comfortable in them. Pick clothes that make you feel like you.
    • Wear lace-up flats or sneakers. Flats are cute and comfortable, two characteristics that you rarely ever find together in the shoe department.
    • Wear jewelery that excites you. Find colorful, fun, bright chunky necklaces and bracelets, but if you wear lots of pearls and beads, don't wear a shirt that has a pattern or a picture on it. Wear a monochromatic top with lots of multicolored jewelery.
    • Black is sexy. It hides fat, creates curves and makes you feel like a goddess.
    • Sexy undergarments. But don't flash them. Be classy about it otherwise you look trashy. Try to maintain class as much as possible, while still being sexy.
  6. Take up dancing. Sign up for dance lessons with a friend, salsa, ballet, hip-hop, ballroom, whatever you like. You'll gain confidence, and you will move more gracefully and sexily in everything you do, without even thinking about it. Health benefits are an obvious bonus. Belly dancing is also another way to feel sexy and confident.
  7. Wear make-up. Just make sure not to go overboard. Subtle is very sexy in the same way that less is more. Accent one feature at a time. For example, one day, put on lip-liner, bold red lipstick, and mascara. For another day, wear subtle pink or clear lip gloss, and wear eye-liner to make your eyes stand out. If you need help creating a look, a mall makeup counter or independent beauty consultant would be happy to teach you for free.
  8. Get in shape Create a workout plan. Crunches and lunges equal flat, hard ab muscles, lunges equal toned legs, and squats equal a toned backside. Running or jogging works all muscles of the body and increases your stamina. Plus, the hormones your body releases while exercising carry on through your evening activities to contribute to your new sexy attitude.
  • Remember that if your workout goal is to lose weight 're going to need to sweat, and for an extended period of time. Lifting weights will help you drop pounds, since muscle mass burns calories increasing your metabolism. If weight loss is your goal, a good starting point is to do something that gets your heart rate up, like walking briskly, swimming, dancing, or biking, for 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Most importantly, make sure you are burning more calories in a day than you consume. This is the only way you will ever lose weight. If you exercise a bunch but then gorge yourself you will be more fit but still will not lose fat.
  • Choose a work-out regimen that you enjoy. Hate running? Then don't run. Try different activities until you find one that makes you happier than you were when you began. Then, stick with it. Give it a week or two; once you're "over the hump," it will start feeling like fun instead of torture.
  • If you're dissatisfied with your body, by all means, work on getting healthier, but remember that "sexy" isn't a body shape. It's an aura. So start working on feeling sexy now. Getting slim and toned can augment sexiness, but it can never replace it. Owning a Steinway isn't the same thing as being a master pianist; in the same way, owning a "hot" body isn't the same thing as being sexy. Learn to play the "piano" you've got. Work it and love it, and everyone else will too.
  • Sexy doesn't equal skinny. Men are attracted to all body types. Curvy women are sexy too.
  • Remember to be who you are and act yourself. Try to be original and unique in your sexiness, not just a bimbo emulating or trying to be somebody else.
  • Also remember, confidence is the key. Sex appeal involves a belief in yourself that you can and will appear sexy. Most public icons or even film stars carry their sexiness in their confidence. Even a simple smile shows confidence and appeal. In fact the starting point to sexiness starts with confidence.
  • Touching or licking your lips draws attention and looks really sexy, if they like you, they will immediately think about kissing you.

Celebrity Inspiration: Sunglasses

Whether you like them candy coloured, in classic shapes or retro, sunglasses evoke the ultimate sense of summer lounging. With temperatures soaring, get geared up from head to toe, including your eye wear with inspiration from these fashionable Tinsletown ladies.

Cat eye: These vintage sunglasses made a comeback thanks to Prada’s retro-inspired Spring Summer 2014 collection. Take a cue from Simone Singh who wears her cat-eye sunglasses with a ruffle sari and bow earrings. For a more contemporary take to the 1950s trend, look no further than Beyonce who opts for a wider variation to the classic cat-eye.

Round:You can never go wrong with the classic round shape. A hit with almost everyone including Rachel Bilson and Sophie Choudhary, for maximum impact keep the rest of you look simple – think no chunky earrings or necklaces. Ever the trend spotter, Sonam Kapoor gives the classic shape an edgy makeover in the form of her metal-rimmed frames.

Aviators: These military style sunglasses took the fashion world by storm after Hollywood hit, Top Gun and continue to rule high on the trend charts. Whether you like yours mirrored like Priyanka Chopra’s or rose-tinted like Deepika Padukone’s, these versatile sunglasses go with almost everything from day dresses to jeans and t-shirts.

How To Style Wet Hair Like a Bollywood Superstars

“I love the sexy Indian-girl look, when a woman walks out of the water with her hair slicked straight back. But having great hair at the beach isn’t really about looking immaculate,” says Babaii.

Take the bottle: At home, fill a spray bottle with a mixture that’s one part conditioner and four parts water. Once you’re settled on your beach towel, spritz hair from roots to ends, and work it through with a wide-tooth comb. (Don’t use a brush—it will only create a big rat’s nest.) This will make hair soft, even after swimming, and help to bring out natural waves.

Leave it salty: Salt water is great natural styling product, so don’t rush to rinse it out. I once did a photo shoot with Angelina Jolie at the beach where I let her hair air-dry, and the salt water gave it great shape and texture. Fine or thin hair can look scraggly when wet, so after you get out of the water, use an elastic to twist it into a bun or ponytail at the nape of the neck. (Just be sure to avoid elastics with metal pieces, which can break the strands.)

Block the chlorine: If you’re spending the day at the pool, it’s best to run your hair under fresh water right after you go swimming, since chlorine can be incredibly drying. Once you’ve rinsed thoroughly, spritz your hair with the conditioner solution and comb through.

Pin it up: Once you’ve spent a few hours in the water and sun, your hair will have a thicker, wavier texture, which is great but can get unruly. Try pulling a two-inch section of hair straight back from the middle of the hairline to the crown and securing it with a bobby pin. Or part hair on the side and anchor the smaller side behind your ear with two bobby pins. For a sweet look, part in the middle and slide in a pin an inch or two from the part on one or both sides.

Top 50 things to do in Udaipur is to visit

If you are in Udaipur you must do 50 things or you can say 50 place you have to visit in udaipur.

Udaipur is one of the largest cities of Rajasthan, rich in culture and tradition. The city has emerging as a big tourist attraction nowadays. There are lots of things to do at this place, which are shaping the Udaipur tourism industry in a big way.

Here are the top 50 things that you should definitely be a part of:

Shilpgram - Shilpgram is located in the outskirts of Udaipur about 2 kilometers away. It exhibits traditional Rajasthani craft, mud houses and mirrored interiors. A great place to visit offered by Udaipur Tourism.

Trident Hilton - Trident is located on the banks of beautiful Pichola Lake in the surroundings of lush green landscaping. The Hotel’s architecture is in ancient style, which attracts visitors a lot.

Trakking - Udaipur Tourism offers you great option of trekking in the range of Aravali. You can explore beauty of the countryside of Udaipur. During trekking, you will cross many villages, farms and tribal areas.

Sky Waltz - Sky Waltz offers hot balloon safari for the visitors. Flying over the fields and lakes in the surroundings of Rocky Mountains will be a wonderful experience especially for children and younger crowd.

Sunset Point - One can enjoy the sunset from Doodh talai at Pichola Lake. It is a recommended place for every visitor to go there and enjoy the reddish orange chrome of sky at the time of sunset.

Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum - The museum is located near Chetak circle showcasing amazing collection of folk articles of Rajasthan includes, puppets, masks, ornaments, dolls, rural costumes and many more.

Neemach Mata Temple - It is located on a small hilltop on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake. The Temple has idols of Neemach Mata and Lord Ganesha. You can enjoy magnificent view of city from Temple.

Horse Riding - Like Camel riding, Horse riding has become popular in Udaipur these days. You can take rides through scenic trails offering stunning views of Landscapes and Aravali Mountains.

Camel Riding - There are lots of place where you can enjoy Camel riding. Fateh Sagar Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Pichola Lake and Doodh talai Lake are a few popular spots for Camel riding.

Udaipur Solar Observatory - The famous solar observatory is standing on an Island within Fateh Sagar Lake. Inside the observatory you will see numerous large Telescopes and Photographs.

Government Museum - The museum is located in City Palace complex holds nice collection of archaeological finds like coins weapons, terracotta statues and many other artifacts and handicrafts.

Bada Bazaar - The museum is located in City Palace complex holds nice collection of archaeological finds like coins weapons, terracotta statues and many other artifacts and handicrafts.

Jungle Walk - On the distance of 2.5 kilometers from Dudh talai, you can reach a place where you can enjoy being at a forest covered with lush green plantation, bamboo trees and bushes.

The Dharohar Theater - One of the famous places to watch traditional dance and puppet dance. There is a small entertainment area where you will sit on benches under dim lights and enjoy the several dance forms.

Haldighati - Haldighati is a battle site where Maharana Pratap fought against Mughal army of Akbar and Jaipur. Here is a museum at this place where you can see light and sound show.

Metropolitan - This shop has good collection of books, handmade papers, camel leather craft and local traditional art and craft items. You will also get photo frames, letter pads made of silk cloth.

Ambrai Restaurant - The nice restaurant located on one side of Pichola Lake. What can be more beautiful than having yummy meals and enjoying view of lake and palace all together.

Swaroop Sagar - A small artificial lake created by Maharana Swaroop Singh is located behind the Jagdish Temple. This lake is connected to Pichola lake and Fateh Sagar Lake and a nice place to hangout.

Jiyan Sagar - This is another beautiful Lake made by Maharana Raj Singh. The lake has artistic kiosks. Visitors can enjoy the view of water waves of the lakes in gorgeous surroundings.

Octopussy In Udaipur - Most of the hotels in Udaipur play the James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’ because large part of the film was filmed here in City Palace and Lake Palace and various streets.

Meera Kala Mandir - The place is devoted to preservation of traditional and folk dances of Rajasthan. You can see many dance forms like Mayur dance, Bhawani dance, Tera Taal dance and a few others.

The Leela Palace - The luxurious Hotel, The Leela Palace is located at Pichola Lake, famous among tourist for its great ambience, awesome food and service. The breath taking view of lake from the hotel is amazing.

Sheraton Resort & Spa - A lavish 5 star resort, at the distance of 15 minutes drive from Udaipur railway station offers beautifully designed accommodation, many national and international cuisines.

Pichola Bar - You will get refreshing cocktails, super delicious snacks at Pichola Bar located in the middle of the lake. It is a nice place to spend evenings in the surroundings of lake and enjoying food and drinks.

Elephant Safari - A different way to explore beauty of Udaipur. Take a ride on elephant and enjoy the wonderful landscaping, magnificent views. Children will love the elephant ride and the unique experience of sightseeing.

Boat Ride - Your visit to Udaipur will be incomplete without boat ride. The one-hour boat ride to Jag Mandir Palace will provide you opportunity to witness spectacular views around and that is the beauty of Udaipur Tourism.

Para-gliding - How about enjoying the entire city views from above. The fun and adventure can be discovered through paragliding in Udaipur. The best season for paragliding is from March to September.

Beautiful Bird Watching - You will find more than 500 species of birds in Udaipur. Many migratory birds come to Udaipur during winters. The beautiful birds can be seen on the banks of lakes.

Shopping at Chetak Circle - This is a great place to shop traditional Rajasthani items. Rajsthali is an emporium run by government and offers beautiful authentic handicrafts and costumes.

Hathi Pole - If you love art, do visit hathi Pol bazaar of Udaipur. You will get maevelous Phad and Pichwai paintings, some other miniatures and Rajasthani artwork. It is advisable to bargain.

Celebration Mall - The first mall in Udaipur offers many international brands as well as traditional Rajasthani handicrafts and pretty art work. There are lots of restaurants and cafes in this mall.

Lake Palace Road Market - The both sides of road are lined up with several shops offers beautiful handicraft goods, embroided fabrics, wooden items and other gifts and souvenirs.

Gallery Restaurant - The restaurant is located at Fateh Prakash palace, a part of City Palace Complex. It offers different food items, its famous English tea and spectacular view of the Lake.

Daal Bati Choorma - The major authentic dish of Rajasthan, consists of three food items. The mouthwatering dish can be enjoyed from any five star hotel to street restaurants of Udaipur.

Devi Ghar Palace - A very stylish and luxurious hotel is a heritage of Udaipur, situated at village Delwara. It offers true Rajasthani culture, traditions and many other entertainment facilities.

Ashiya Haveli - The architecture of this heritage hotel is traditionally designed with intricate carvings and Jharokhas, located at Lal Ghat on the eastern banks of Pichola Lake offers great food and other fun activities.

Bhairav Ghar Palace - Located on the top of Aravali Hill. A luxurious resort, famous for regal hospitality. It is a perfect combination of modern design and Rajasthani craft. It provides unique and luxury services.

Hill Top Palace Hotel - It is situated on the top of Ambavgarh hill. It has beautifully decorated rooms and each room has an individual terrace from where you will enjoy the great views of Fateh Sagar Lake and Swaroop Sagar Lake and the town.

Green Chili Restaurant - If you like to relish great food while in Udaipur, Green Chilli Restaurant will be the right choice. Located near Gulab Bagh offers high quality service and wide variety of cuisines.

1559 AD - The restaurant is located near the south-east side of Fateh Sagar Lake. It offers delicious Thai and Continental dishes. The waiters in embroided waistcoats provide you the best service.

Savage Garden - Located near Chandpol, Savage Garden serves Mediterranean food include variety of soups, chicken, Pastas and assorted sauces. You can also enjoy some Middle East delicacies too.  

Rangat Bar - It is a fully air-conditioned bar and multi cuisine restaurant at Green View International Hotel. It offers great ambience, nice music good food, vintage brand and traditional liquors.

Paanera Bar - The bar in City Palace Complex Udaipur is an exclusive place for visitors to enjoy lavish food and variety of drinks. The bar has beautiful Chandelier and intricate designs on the walls.

Ashoka Cinema - The Ashoka cinema is located at the center of the Udaipur. A great place of entertainment for family and individuals. It has well-projected rooms, multi dimensional sound system and different food courts.

The Winos - It is a clubhouse restaurant at Lal Bagh, offers large variety of wine and some finest Whiskeys, tantalizing mocktails & cocktails. This bar is a happening chill out place in the city.

Ras Rang Bar - Located in Hotel India International is the right place for nightlife lovers. One can enjoy exotic drinks, delicious food and many recreational activities. A great place to spend some quality time.

RTDC Kajri Bar - A great bar of Udaipur Tourism. It has wide range of liquor specially beer, wine and scotch. A place for entertainment, fun, wining and dining. You will get both Indian and Rajasthani drinks here.

Bapu Bazar - This a huge market place for shopaholics located in main city Udaipur. It has numerous varieties of clothes, shoes, jackets, textile, brass items, camel leather goods and many more at reasonable prices.

Shopping in Udaipur – Visit the Tourist Market in the old city and the Gandhi Market which is the cheaper of the two. Folk toys, hand printed textiles, dyed sarees, metal images, silver jewelry, and the Pichwal wall hangings are things to consider for souvenir shopping.

Rope Way at Dudh Talai - Enjoy the ride of rope way in udaipur, you can enjoy the memorable experience and spectacular view of udaipur from the rope way and machla magra.

Experience Rajasthan & Udaipur – Take a walk in the “galis” (i.e. the local streets) of Udaipur. “Whats good about Udaipur is its winding narrow roads that give you ample opportunity to walk through the colourful streets”. Camel safari in the country side around Udaipur - “A camel safari tour is perhaps one of the best ways of following the Udaipur trails as you stop to look at the architectural wonders in pure marble that dot the pristine Udaipur landscape”

India’s Most Haunted Places

India’s Most Haunted Places - Want to run into an experience that will turn your eyes blood shot, even when you narrate it to friends and family? We might scream, yell also deny but that scary screech that comes out from our throats makes it worth-it! Secretly, we all enjoy getting little scared (the horror movie industry is flourishing) while exploring places. So, what is supernatural and paranormal? The dictionary defines it as — attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. Does it ring a bell now? How many of us believe in ghosts? Do they actually exist? Can they be felt? Believers will reply in the affirmative and nonbelievers will perish the thought. But there are certain places that everybody should take a trip to. The conclusions should be drawn from our individual experiences. In India, there are certain cities, coastlines, mountains and rivers that have been reported of unnatural tales. While we often forget the fairy tales but always remember the ghost stories.Here is the list of haunted destinations in India.Read on at your own risk.

REGION: Alwar, Rajasthan Rated as the most haunted place in India — Bhangarh Fort is located on the way to Alwar and Jaipur in Rajasthan in India. The town was established in 1573 during the rule of Bhagwant Das. Centuries later when the Mughal Empire became weaker after the death of Aurangzeb, Jai Singh II attached Bhangarh to his state by force in 1720. After this, Bhangarh diminished in population, and since the famine of 1783, the town has remained uninhabited.

GHOST PROTOCOL:One can seldom find a temporary household in the close periphery of this fort. The village households found here are without roofs as there persists a popular belief and experience that the moment a rooftop is built on a house, it collapses. Entry to Bhangarh is legally prohibited between sunset and sunrise. A signboard posted by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India), which is a Government of India organisation, specifies the instructions. While the board is written in Hindi, the instructions on it roughly translate into: "Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited. Legal action would be taken against anybody who does not follow these instructions. Be warned before you step in the ghost town of India. For more info on Rajasthan: .

REGION: Mussoorie, Uttarakhand The Lambi Dehar mines are located at the outskirts of Mussoorie. A few years ago there were mines and lime quarries in this area but they were shut down following innumerable truck accidents and irregularities in safety precautions. It is estimated that more than 50,000 workers lived in this area but a lot of them died a painful death due to lung diseases caused by improper mining. People no longer live here and during night time, some tourists have reported hearing strange noises. Many travellers met with fatal road accidents while driving and the most recent one being the shocking crash of a helicopter near the Lambi Dehar mines site.

GHOST PROTOCOL:There is a rumour about a witch being seen in this area. Also during winter, the entire area becomes chilly and thus more scary. This place seems eerily deserted due to its lack of population.

REGION: Darjeeling, West Bengal - Dow Hill in Kurseong is often reported to be a centre of paranormal activities as reported by the locals. The Victoria Boys High School is believed to be the place where spirits reside. People opine that sound of footsteps emanating from the school can be heard even when the school is closed for the three long months from December to March. Countless people have been found murdered in the forests near the school. Locals believe that the spirits will not spare them and thus their days are spend in worry and anxiety. While some locales have started enjoying the myths and take pleasure in frightening other people, the rest prefer to remain ignorant. Persistent enquiries by the tourists and researchers only add to the list of unanswered questions.

GHOST PROTOCOL:There is one stretch often called 'the death road' where a headless boy is claimed to be seen following visitors. He apparently walks down towards the road and then disappears into the woods. The locals say that anyone who has seen him is not spared by his apparition even in their dreams. Several people have reportedly committed suicide because they were depressed of being followed everywhere. The entire place is said to have an eerie and uncanny feeling.However there is no scientific evidence to prove the same. But the rising number of suicides in Kurseong is something to worry about.

REGION: Delhi - Agrasen ki Baoli is as presumably built during 14th century by King Agrasen. This less seen and heard structure is nestled between the multistories of Connaught Place. This monument has a great historical relevance all wrapped in amazement and mystery is also known to be a haunted place. At times visitors have felt something strange about the place. Some people even affirm that the Baoli is a domicile of devils. The Baoli has turned into the home for thousands of bats and pigeons over these centuries. This might be the dialect behind the eeriness felt inside the vicinity of this Baoli.

REGION: Mumbai - D'Souza Chawl in Mahim, Mumbai is also considered as among the haunted places in India. There have been many ghost stories surrounding one particular well in the chawl, which is considered to be haunted.

GHOST PROTOCOL:Residents of the chawl believe that there was a woman, who while filling water from the well, plunged to death since the well was boundary-less. Therefore, 'the lady of the well' is said to haunt the area surrounding the well every night. There have been many sightings of a white apparition who many consider to be the lady. However, the residents believe that she just walks around the area without actually harming anyone. As predicted, once the sun comes up, she vanishes into thin air only to appear again in the night.

10 Indian alternatives to international wonders

Pack your bags and pick your destination—international travel is no longer a mystery to Indian residents. But before you set your heart on exploring the world, how about discovering some wonders closer home? Here's a snapshot of a few places in India that'll remind you of their overseas counterparts, minus the hefty travel expenses.

    The verdant beauty of Switzerland and the picture-paradise Gulmarg If you're enamoured by Switzerland's lush green valleys and picture-postcard lakes, head to India's mountain getaway Gulmarg—a destination that's as breathtakingly beautiful as it's adventurous. Covered with pine-fringed green pastures in summer and blanketed in snow in winter, it exudes a charm that few other places do.

    Awe-inspiring salt flats in Utah and the stunning Rann of Kutch Before you dream of visiting the unforgettable white landscape of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, walk across the enigmatic Rann of Kutch. What appears to be an endless desert plain running straight to the horizon is in fact a seasonal island edged by the Gulf of Kutch and the Great and Little Ranns. Salt crystals dazzle like diamonds under the scorching sun and the still vastness almost appears eerie under the bluish glow of the full moon.

    The famous Niagara Falls and the majestic Athirapilly fallsThe Athirapilly falls in Thrissur, Kerala have been nicknamed the Niagara Falls of India, and for good reason. The majestic falls are a sight to behold—stretching across 330 feet and surrounded by lush forests harbouring abundant wildlife. So, if you've always dreamt of getting drenched in the world-famous Niagara Falls, then look no further.

    The idyllic beaches of Brazil and GoaLazing around some of the most captivating beaches in Brazil, cocktail in hand, pretty much sums up the perfect seaside getaway. For something closer home, head to the beaches of Goa. Home to long sandy beaches packed with lively shacks and a party atmosphere, Goa exudes a sense of revelry, merriment and abandon that is truly addictive.

    Antelope Valley of Flowers and Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand Each spring, USA's Antelope Valley of Flowers comes alive with seasonal surprises—warm breeze replaces the winter chill and poppies burst into bloom blanketing hillsides in a sea of orange. In India, during the monsoon months of July and August, around 300 varieties of flowers carpet the Garhwal hills in Uttarakhand. The unending vistas of blossoming geraniums, wild roses and asters are enough to take your breath away.

    The floating markets of Bangkok and Srinagar Before you get swayed by the floating markets of Bangkok, shop for vegetables and souvenirs in the floating markets of Srinagar. The Dal Lake is famous the world over for its scenic location, its shikaras and houseboats and its floating market. A part of everyday life in Srinagar, these markets are a popular destination for both tourists and locals.

    The mystical Sahara Desert and the equally dramatic Thar DesertIf you're mystified by the idea of a journey into the Sahara Desert, then try and surf the sands of India's Thar Desert—its palette, a thousand shades of brown. There's not better place to indulge in exotic camel safaris and watch a breathtaking sunset across the shifting sand dunes.

    Lahore's Badshahi mosque and Delhi's Jama MasjidLahore's enigmatic Badshahi mosque and Delhi's Jama Masjid are both considered to be the finest examples of Mughal architecture. Built by emperor Shah Jahan in 1656, the Jama Masjid is India's largest mosque and can hold a mind-blowing 25,000 people. Constructed 17 years later by Shah Jahan's son Aurangzeb, the Badshahi Mosque also uses red sandstone and white marble.

    The diving paradise Thailand and equally adventurous Lakshadweep With hundreds of dreamy tropical islands scattered along its extensive coastline, Thailand is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts. Closer home, the exotic beaches and turquoise-hued waters of Lakshadweep islands aren't far behind. The real attraction rests underwater: the pristine lagoons, unspoilt coral reefs and rich marine life beckon you like no other place.

    The sprawling tea gardens of China and Munnar, KeralaTea is an indispensable part of life in China—and and the same holds true for India. So before you stroll through China's verdant tea gardens in Hangzhou or Fujian, head to south India's favourite hill station, Munnar—where lush, green manicured tea fields exude an irresistible charm for travellers.


Top 15 hill stations of IndiaWith the highest mountain ranges in the world, the Himalayas, running north to east and the stunning Aravalli and Vindhya ranges flanking the western and central parts, the hill stations in India offer some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. From the misty valley of Coorg to adventure-packed Manali, here are some of India’s most-loved hill stations.

Darjeeling, West BengalSurrounded by infinite slopes of emerald-green tea plantations and set against a backdrop of jagged white Himalayan peaks, Darjeeling is nestled away in the northern regions of West Bengal. A journey on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway fondly known as the ‘Toy train’ is a great way to explore and soak in the magnificent surroundings of this hill station.

Shillong, MeghalayaThe capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong sits amidst the Khasi Hills. One of the most charming hill stations of India, it’s famous for receiving the highest rainfall in the world and for its dynamic music scene—being home to the country’s favourite Blues band, Soulmate and India's most popular blues man, Lou Majaw.

Coorg, KarnatakaSpread out on the Western Ghats, the misty valley of Coorg is enveloped in emerald landscapes and acres of coffee, tea and spice plantations. Fondly referred to as the ‘Scotland of India’ due to its verdant beauty and pleasant weather conditions, Coorg is a major centre for spice and coffee production. So, just back and watch the fog roll by.

Ooty, Tamil NaduEstablished as a summer retreat by the British and nicknamed ‘Snooty Ooty',Ooty is a visual delight filled with pretty cottages, fenced flower gardens, thatched-roof churches and terraced botanical gardens. Venture a few kilometres out and you'll find yourself surrounded by greener, quieter areas dotted with an abundance of pine trees.

Coonoor, Tamil NaduSmaller and quieter than its neighbour Ooty, Coonoor is nestled in the Nilgiri Mountains and is surrounded by rolling hills and tea and coffee plantations. The ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway’s quaint toy train—from Coonoor to Ooty—covers the region’s most scenic spots including the cantonment area of Wellington.

Manali, Himachal PradeshWith mountain adventures beckoning from all directions, Manali is the perfect destination for those looking to unwind. Backpackers come to hang around in the villages near the main town and adventure tourists come for trekking, paragliding, rafting and skiing. About 53 km away from Manali is the famous Rohtang Pass which offers breathtaking sights of glaciers, peaks and valleys.

Munnar, KeralaSprawling tea plantations, picture-perfect vistas and winding lanes make Munnar a favourite amongst Indian hill stations. Although the town itself is forever alive with activity, wander a few kilometres out and you’ll be engulfed in a thousand shades of green.

Nainital, UttarakhandAn erstwhile summer retreat of the British, Nainital is a small town settled amidst Uttrakhand’s Kumaon range. There’s a busy town bazaar and a web of walking tracks around the forested hillsides, which have enticed travellers since pre-independence days to retreat to Nainital.

Srinagar, Jammu and KashmirThe scenic splendour of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir has attracted people to this hill station since time immemorial. Famous for its charming houseboats, historic gardens and a mild summer climate, Srinagar rests in the Kashmir Valley along and around the banks of the Jhelum River.

Matheran, MaharashtraShady forests, criss-crossing foot trails and breathtaking lookouts define Maharashtra’s most loved hill-station, Matheran. Motor vehicles are banned within Matheran and getting up to the town is half the fun of going there. Arrive on a narrow-gauge toy train that chugs along a 21 km scenic route, or trek up the scenic path that makes its way through train tracks and hillsides.

Shimla, Himachal PradeshSnow-capped Himalayan peaks and green pastures surround Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Spectacular hills blend with structures from the colonial era and the town’s lower bazaars flow with local life and shops selling souvenirs, fabrics and spices.

Mussoorie, UttarakhandOffering stunning views of the green Doon Valley and the distant white-capped Himalayan peaks, Mussoorie—located 34 km from Dehradun—is popularly known as the ‘Queen of the Hills’. You can walk up and down the famous Mall road, or sit and admire the mist-covered hills from Mussoorie’s highest point called Lal Tibba.

Wayanad, KeralaWayanad’s landscape combines epic mountain scenery, rice paddies, bamboo trees spiky ginger fields and rubber, cardamom and coffee plantations. Encompassing a part of a forest reserve, this quiet district in north-eastern Kerala is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, elephants and sloth bears.

Tawang, Arunachal PradeshA heady mix of religion, history and nature, Tawang is one of the least discovered towns in Arunachal Pradesh. Dotted with Buddhist monasteries and mystical gompas on one end and a war memorial on another, it begins to work its magic on travellers the moment they ascend the hills.

Maharajas' Express: the most expensive train in India

Operating since January 2010, Maharajas' Express is the newest luxury train of Indian Railways and easily one of the most expensive in Asia. For eight days, this pan India train takes guests on a ride across the best and the most prominent destinations of the country—the Taj Mahal, the Khajuraho temples, wildlife environs of Ranthambore, Fatehpur Sikri and the holy bathing ghats of Varanasi. The cheapest rate per person per day is a whopping US$ 800 for a deluxe cabin. The next two slabs are US$ 900 and US$ 1,400, and the presidential suite comes for US$ 2,500.

This train is solely owned by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). The tour is being promoted as 'luxury travel like no other' and not without reason. Maharajas' Express will have 88 passengers (a normal III AC coach packs in 72) living in suites fit for a prince. All food and drinks are complimentary.

The train comprises 24 carriages, which include accommodation, dining, bar, lounge, generator and store cars. Each guest carriage has been designed to recreate the opulence of maharaja-style living. Elegantly decorated, the interiors of the cabin exude the finesse of exquisite workmanship. Sylvan parquets, intricate carvings and palette of soft hues characterise the interiors of the train. All cabins have individual temperature control, LCD television sets, DVD players, direct dial telephones, internet, even live television and electronic safe-deposit box.

Carriages are fitted with panoramic windows to offer the vista of rolling landscape as train travels through some of the most fascinating landscapes and countryside of India. The train also has an observation lounge called the 'Rajah Club' with a private bar. Besides these cars, the train also has two elegantly appointed dining cars that offer an array of sumptuous cuisines to guests. The bar of the train serves an eclectic mix of wines from across the world in a serene and relaxing ambience. A high-end boutique in the train houses some perfect memorabilia to cherish this royal sojourn for a lifetime.

5 places you must see before you die or they disappear

Ever heard of doom tourism? This trend involves traveling to threatened destinations. These five natural wonders are endangered because of pollution, climate change, and development. Visit them before they are gone.

This popular tourist destination is an archipelago of 1190 coral islands that are known for their stunning beaches and scuba diving. However, it is also the lowest-lying country on earth - the islands are only a few feet above sea level. This makes them the most vulnerable to the rise in sea levels caused by climate change.

Majuli Island
The largest river island in India is located on the Brahmaputra in Assam. The pretty green wetland attracts migratory birds every winter. It's also famous for its 36 satras, or Vaishanva monasteries that have their own unique traditions and festivals. However, Majuli has been shrinking every year due to soil erosion caused by the strong currents of the Brahmaputra.

The Dead Sea
The only place on earth where you can float without knowing how to swim, the Dead Sea is actually a lake. Its water is ten times more saline than seawater, and is believed to contain healing minerals. In the last 40 years, it has shrunk by a third and sunk 80 feet, due to diversion of water from River Jordan, its only source of fresh water.

Mount Kilimanjaro
The highest mountain in Africa is a dormant volcano that's famous for its distinctive ice-capped summit. A popular trekking spot, its peak offers stunning views of the surrounding plains. Over the last century, its glaciers have shrunk by more than 80 percent and are likely to disappear completely in the next few decades.

The Arctic
The North Pole is known for its bleak yet stunning landscape of gigantic icebergs, polar bears, and the northern lights. However, rising temperatures and the melting of ice sheets pose a threat to the emperor penguins. It also affects the delicate ecosysystem, and subsequently, the polar bear population in the region.