7 Things to Keep In Mind While Shopping For Your Man

Men love it when you shop for them, but they hate going out to shop for themselves. We’ve come out with a handy guide on how to buy the right clothes for your man. Ensure that even if you’re maxing out his credit card, you’re doing with every bit of your fashionable heart in it.

Clothes that Fit Well

For buying well-fitted clothes, you will need the correct measurements of his neck, chest, waist, inseams, and out seams. Clothes that are too tight or too big look ugly. Even bigger guys look better in fitted clothes. Ensure that neither the shirt should be baggy, nor the sleeves should be very loose.

Colours that Suit His Skin Tone

Select colours that suit your man’s personality and be mindful of his taste. If he is conscious about wearing loud colours like pink and purple, buy pastels for him. If he is bulky, then buy clothes in a dark shade and avoid anything with horizontal lines.

Experiment with Bows and Ties

 At every formal setting, the first thing people notice is a man’s tie. Experiment with different tie styles. Striped ties look classy and can be matched with any suit. Silk ties in complementary colours, especially solid colours look great with a tweed suit. If your man likes experimenting, go for a quirky style like a tie with polka dots.

Search for Trends

 If you think you do not have enough knowledge about men’s fashion, subscribe to fashion magazines for men (we recommend Esquire and GQ). This is the best way to study what’s in vogue and what’s not. When you go shopping for him, take those magazines with you so that you have a reference while creating a particular look.

Business Wear for Men

Try matching different shirts, ties and blazers. Be sure he has solid coloured suits and blazers as an essential wardrobe component. Cottons are very useful during summers, while tweed feels comfortable and look stunning during winters.

Don’t Forget the Shoes and the Belt

Men do not wear too many accessories, except a good belt and great shoes, so be careful of including the two in your shopping list. If they do not wear fancy things, we are sure they will like a matt-finish black leather belt. Leather shoes are also a must-have in his wardrobe.

Jackets and Overcoats

A jacket or an overcoat should be able to accommodate a suit underneath. In an overcoat, the thumb rule is to look for any wrinkles when you wear it. Presence of vertical wrinkles means the coat is too large, and horizontal wrinkles indicate it is too small.
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