3 things Arjun Rampal needs badly to revamp his career!

The Ra.One actor is clearly in the news for all the wrong reasons. And here’s what we think he needs badly right now!

Arjun Rampal is in news, but not for the right reasons. His last few releases have bombed, he was embroiled in Hrithik Roshan and Susanne Khan’s separation and his showdown with once best buddy Shah Rukh Khan. That’s not all, the actor was even linked to his Roy co-star Jacqueline Fernandez. While Arjun is crying hoarse about being a victim of bad press, we suggest the actor invest his precious time in something more fruitful. Hence, here are three suggestions that can change his road forward in Bollywood.

Get a publicist! A bad PR team and manager means substandard presentation of the actor in public glare. Yes, we’ve often seen stars are not just born purely on the basis of talent, but there’s a lot that goes behind it. From the right contacts, contracts to columns. Which is clearly messed up as far as AR is concerned. Many might not remember his last hit film, but controversies? There are umpteen of them, from cops summoning him on meeting Arun Gawli, to being sidelined in Roy and his fights with the media.

Find a new God Father: His closeness with SRK helped his career. A look at his filmography and you will agree with us. Don, Ra.One, Rock On are movies that Rampal has bagged with King Khan and his close buddy Farhan Akhtar. With no Shah Rukh in picture it’s best Arjun finds another friend in need.

Ensure that he is ‘link up free’: Married men and affairs are not easily digested by the Indian audiences. And worse when it becomes a case of wife snatching of a superstar. While one party gets all the sympathy, the other becomes a mean villain. It’s best that the actor sticks to his family man image without stepping into another uncomfortable zone.

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