10 Awesome workout clothes that will keep you motivated all year long

Weights, cross trainers and an occasional boxing match, our fitness challenges in the new year have only increased. But has your wardrobe moved on from dowdy loose tee shirts and a boring pair of trainers? Not really, right? Wearing the right clothes to the gym is important – after all, you need to sweat it out in style. Plus, who knows? These workout clothes might just help you to do better and stay motivated.
But what makes for great workout clothes? Look for stuff that’s fashionable and functional, simple. So we decided to give you 10 ways to look stylish at the gym. No more excuses!

1. Fabric First
Cotton fabrics are a strict no-no. Don’t go for ones that irritate your skin while working out. Workout clothes should come in fabrics like spandex or polyester/lycra blends as they keep you dry throughout your workout.

2. Fit is Fun
The trick is to look for outfits that are not loose and frumpy nor super tight – it’s tacky. The only thing you must look for is clothes and accessories that are well-fitted and those that help you breathe easy.

3. Bright Vs Boring
Gym clothes don’t mean drab greys and monotonous blues – just once in a while try something bright or fun.

4. Accessory Overload
Apart from the usual clothes, look for accessories that add to your look. From cute hair bands to fun gloves, from good sneakers to gym bags – there’s something for everyone.

5. Showing Off Your Body
Never think that gyms are about covering up – if you have the right assets and a killer body, it’s ok to show off (just a lil bit). Besides, people don’t mind it if you wear fitted yoga pants or a nice ab-showing crop top. Really!

6. Motivational Motifs
Go for tees and bags that carry happy messages and fitness ideas. They will surely keep you motivated towards your goals. Why not!  

7. Layering Right
Your gym clothes must fit summer and winter months – that can only mean one thing, layering. Wear a nice oversized sweatshirt in cold months and add a parka if you head out. Go for a crop top in the summer months but wear a good sports bra.

8. Right Technology
Look for new-age technology to keep you going – from dri-fits that soak your sweat and dry you out instantly to anti-microbial treatments that combat odor and even tees that come with ultra-violet protection to fight the sun’s harmful rays.

9. Choose The Activity
Every fitness activity comes with it’s own set of rules and outfits – yoga means loose pants + organic tee. Boxing comes with gloves + shorts. Cycling needs leggings and a sports bra. Know the activity and then buy.
10. Get Support
Wearing the right underwear defines your look at the gym. As you are moving, you need to keep those girls of yours in place – so opt for a good sports bra. Panty lines are tacky – so look for seamless underwear.

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