Perfect Hair & Skin - Two bottles to keep in your shower | Bollywood Fashion

Looking for frizz-free hair and soft, supple skin? This simple tweak to your beauty regime can work wonders. Sometimes it's not what you use, it's how you use it. Slap on these two products before you step out of the shower and you'll see an instant improvement in your hair and skin.

Frizz serum

Most frizz serums work best on dripping wet hair - wrap your hair in a towel before applying the serum and you've already lost some of the benefits. For the best results, work a pump of the serum through your hair after the last rinse. You'll use less product and have better results. My favourite is John Frieda's classic Frizz-Ease but most anti-frizz serums work better on dripping wet hair.

Baby oil

Too lazy to moisturise? This simple trick takes seconds in the shower and leaves your skin perfectly moisturised with no sticky residue. Simply rub some oil on your skin before reaching for your towel. Baby oil simply glides onto wet skin and leaves your skin supple and perfectly moisturised.

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