Learning From Sonam Kapoor’s Iconic Style: Bollywood Fashion

These two words describe this young actress in every way. As a newcomer in the film industry, although, thanks to her lineage (her father is the legendary actor Anil Kapoor), she is not new to the world of Indian cinema. Despite not being as successful as other newcomers in the film industry, she has managed to create her own identity and stepped away from her father’s shadow. Sonam Kapoor, over the past two years, has turned into a fashion icon. Not only to Indian women, but a fashion icon worldwide. Her impeccable sense of style is admirable and has created strides in fashion all over India.

Classy, elegant, fierce, and bold. All words that define her style and personality. Sonam is inspired by her love for clothes, designers, and her taste for the good life. She has made a connection with her fans through her style and it speaks volumes. What sets Sonam apart from the rest of the fashion-obsessed women is that she takes pride in what she wears. To her, fashion is art and she is constantly reinventing her style.

Here are a few things you can learn from Ms. Kapoor’s style:

When in doubt, black is your answer. It is slimming, sophisticated, and more importantly, matches everything. Sonam is generally seen accessorizing her black outfits with chunky gold necklaces or colored clutches.

Colored blazers go a long way. They can complete an outfit, especially when worn right. Hot pink, yellow, electric blue, and even black are hot favorites for Sonam.

Ms. Kapoor makes the color white look elegant and classy yet still traditional when it comes to Indian clothes. Remember when it comes to Indian clothes, less is always more. If you wear heavy earrings, leave the matching necklace at home and vice versa.

A well-tailored and good fitting jacket can make such a difference. Especially in places like the Northeast where the cold is unbearable, experiment with different colors and styles to find a coat that speaks your personality. Stay away from the basic black pea coats or the puffy Northface jackets.

If there is one thing you can take away from Sonam’s style it is her fierce independence when it comes to dressing. Do not be afraid to take risks and wear what you want, if you walk with confidence, people will know you mean business.

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