5 Pledges should take on this Republic day in Udaipur

In Udaipur - As we are going to celebrate republic day of india we should learn to incorporate new habits by taking certain pledges rather then resolutions that will benefit us as well as our City. Here are 5 Pledges we have selected for our beloved udaipur are us to follow.

We Have to Wear Helmets: With the Advent of new year, the Udaipur Traffic Police have made it mandatory for people to wear helmet. We support this good move of making the Helmet’s compulsory to let people care about their Safety. Lets take a pledge that we will start caring about ourselves by wearing helmet and suggest others to wear helmets too.

Give Side to Ambulances: It has been seen that people don’t take much concern to allow ambulances which are in emergency to passby by giving them side. We as responsible Udaipurites should take pledge to care about the Life of people and understand the value of time for people in Emergency.

Keep our Udaipur Clean and Green: Many provisions are taken to keep our City Clean and Green but we as a responsible citizen should take utmost care that Change starts by changing ourselves. So rather then blaming authorities, lets take a pledge to be a part of this moment to throw litter in dustbins and to not pollute our City.

Help the Needy: We all should take pledge to actively participate in all the Social Causes that happen in Udaipur. It should be a responsibility for us to learn to support and help the people in need. This Pledge will allow us learn a new habit of community support and social service.

Support People and Talent of  our City: As the City grows, our responsibility grows, we should learn the fact to always admire our City. We have to understand our responsibilities towards our people our culture and our city. We are lucky to be born and brought up in this Beautiful City of Lakes for which people say "City of Lakes" and "Kashmeer of Rajasthan" where everyone wishes to part of. We should do efforts to make our city proud. We should support the Websites, Portals and People who are taking pains in promoting our City Worldwide and keeping our City with pace of other cities in India.

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