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In Udaipur - Best heritage hotels of Udaipur 

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             Udaipur is a joy to behold in itself, a city situated around the lake and guarded by the Aravalis can be your premier luxury destination in India. It holds in itself a rustic charm that dates back to the days of Rajput kings who once ruled here and the homes of those royalties are now converted into heritage homes. Amongst them there are many Heritage hotels of Udaipur that’ll not only provide you a luxury stay, but will also take you back into the days of Mewar glory.

Here’s a list of five best Heritage hotels of Udaipur:

• Jaiwana Haveli: One of the best heritage hotels of Udaipur, Jaiwana haveli belongs to the Thakurs of Jaiwana, who once stayed here, in this haveli by the Lake Pichola. This 24-room property not only provides you with the amazing views of the lake and hills beyond but is also equipped with all kinds of modern facility, while retaining the original Rajputana touch. The hotel’s nearness to haveli the bazaars and the city palace is also a plus point, and the rooftop restaurant at Jaiwana is a perfect place to spend your evening with a candle light dinner.

• Jagat Niwas Palace: Jagat Niwas Palace is a 17th century haveli turned into a heritage hotel is situated at the Lalghat, along the banks of Lake Pichola. Jagat Niwas Palace is a wonderful cluster of houses that have been restored to their original glory and are surrounded by other ancient havelis and temples. The alcoves in the lake facing rooms give you a mesmerizing view of the lake, Taj lake palace and the Aravali hills beyond the lake. Jagat Niwas’ restaurant overlooks the lake, and has been given a traditional setting to savour a host of delicious local delicacies in the best way possible.

• Hotel Amet Haveli: A heritage haveli surrounding a swimming pool in the courtyard and the walls decorated with the paintings of old Rajput kings, Amet Haveli is one of those special experiences, which are the difference between a good and great vacation. The rooms in the haveli are equipped with all the modern facilities as the Mewar essence is being maintained to give the guests an authentic experience. Another talking point of Amet Haveli is its restaurant, Ambrai. It gives you an opportunity to sit just next to the Western banks of the lake overlooking the old Udaipur city and the city palace. Don’t forget to try the Dhuan Maas and Lal Maas at Ambrai, two local specialties of Mutton.

• Lake Pichola Hotel: Lake Pichola hotel is a time machine that takes you back into the days of Mewar royalties in style. The suite rooms of this Haveli converted into heritage hotel feature a beautiful alcove overlooking the lake and the swing to give the guest an authentic experience. Moreover, you can spend your time with a cup of tea by the western banks of the Lake Pichola here or opt for a candlelit dinner in the wonderful setting of the UPRE restaurant known for its delicious local cuisines, one of the best in Udaipur.

• Karohi Haveli: Known for its excellent location and wonderful service, Karohi haveli is amongst one of the most popular heritage hotels in Udaipur. The excellent location of Karohi haveli means that you won’t have to face car parking related issues, plus you’ll also get spectacular views of the old Udaipur city, City Palace, Lake Pichola, the temples and Swaroop Sagar. Other highlights of this heritage haveli hotel in Udaipur are the lake facing lawn and the swimming pool. It is equipped with various modern facilities including spa-parlor and has a rooftop restaurant overlooking a lake.

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